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You are welcome to Piercing Jewelry! We are glad to be of help to you. At our on-line store you'll find only high quality tested jewelry which you'll wear for a long time and which will bring you a lot of happiness during the years.

Piercing Jewelry is the place where you'll find various kinds of jewelry for your navel piercing, tongue piercing, ear and eyebrow piercing, nose piercing, lip and labret piercing, navel piercing, male and female piercing. We offer you all kinds of rings for your piercing- captive bead rings, nipple rings, shields, all kinds of barbells, belly button rings, internally and externally threaded barbells and much more.

We understand and share the opinion that piecing is not only the art but the style of life, the way of expressing yourself, your views on life and society. It's the way to share out of crowd and at the same time be not noticeable if you want. Piercing makes us understand and feel our bodies much better. We can paint our life in bright colors wearing colorful and cheerful rings every day. We appreciate all these and therefore you'll always find here original and classical piercing jewelry including:

Steel and acrylic pinchers, stripped pinchers, marble and acrylic buffalo pinchers of different bright colors;

Glitter, UV and glow in the dark acrylic plugs, acrylic gleam plugs, double flared hollow wood and flaking plugs, marble and cubic zirconia plugs, mother of pearl plugs, ying-yang/ dotted/ spiral/ alien/ spider web bone inlay, cabochon plugs;

Steel, jeweled, flower and UV ball spiral barbells, black twister with cones, acrylic dice and glow-in-the-dark barbells, glitter, checkered ball spiral barbells, tiffany ball and flower cone barbells, spiral barbells with long cones and viking cones, panda ball, lolipop ball, hexa spike spiral barbells, cat eye ball, rainbow and cabochon ball barbells, teardrop spike twisted barbells, pepsi ball and square spike twisted barbells;

Bioplast glitter straight barbells, titanium, marble and glow-in-the-dark ball straight barbells, barbells with silicone koosh ball, saturn and multilayered balls, barbells with web, multicolor and glitter star balls, tiffany straight barbells, industrial barbells, door knockers, swirl rings, cone and logo barbells, straight barbells with hologram balls, notched, half ball and flexible dice barbells, atom barbells, teardrop spike and panda ball barbells, internally threaded straight barbells, ball and spike, cube and parachute straight barbells;

and many other imaginable kinds of rings.

Everything you need to look new and striking every day! Everything for your piercing here- at Piercing Jewelry! We have regular arrivals of new modern piercing jewelry pieces and you can choose what you like. Just don't forget to take care of your pierced part of body and make sure that the material of jewelry suits you and doesn't cause allergic reactions.

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