14K Gold Twisted Rings

Searching for your favorite twisted shapes? You've come to the right place! We are glad to offer you a collection of stylish and elegant twisted rings in high quality gold. Twisted rings look unusual and one never gets tired to enjoy its twisted lines joining together. Our gold twisted rings are exquisite because of their design and the glittering material they are made of. Gold has always been a sign of wealth and good taste. Now you can enjoy the beauty of yellow gold and white gold twisted segment rings and twisted captive bead rings at the lowest prices available!

14K Gold Twisted Rings: 2 items
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14k Gold Twisted Seamless Ring14k Gold Twisted Seamless RingRetail Price: $29.89
Your Price: $25.99
14k Gold Twisted Captive Bead Ring14k Gold Twisted Captive Bead RingRetail Price: $61.61
Your Price: $53.57