14K Gold Nose Hoops

Magnificent nose hoops are available in high quality gold now! Enjoy our collection of 14K gold nose hoops of various designs and gauge sizes. Hoop piercing jewelry looks elegant and unique and when it is made of shining gold it becomes even more exquisite and chic. Nose hoops are classical yet up-to-date nose jewelry and we are glad to offer you twisted nose hoops as well. Durable and scratch resistant gold prolongs the life of your nose hoop and you'll feel all its elegance and high style for many years.

14K Gold Nose Hoops: 2 items
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14k Gold Nose Hoop14k Gold Nose HoopRetail Price: $31.48
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14k Gold Twisted Nose Hoop14k Gold Twisted Nose HoopRetail Price: $34.49
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