Piercing Jewelry Material

Welcome to the exclusive world of piercing jewelry materials! You'll be satisfied with the choice of piercing jewelry made of precious metals, plastics, organic materials and others. The first thing you should remember before buying the jewelry is whether you have allergic reactions on one or another material or not. And after you throw out from the list all allergic materials you can choose your favorite one and start looking for the piercing jewelry made of it. In this collection you'll find nose screws and studs, belly button rings, ear studs and eyebrow rings, plugs and talons, tapers and tusks made of organic materials, acrylic, silicone, titanium, surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, yellow and white gold of best quality. Low prices for lightweight plastic jewelry and affordable prices for precious jewelry are guaranteed.

Please select from one of the following 9 categories:

Solid gold, 14K Gold, White and Yellow Gold 14K Gold Acrylic Piercing Jewelry Acrylics Black Line Black Line
Gold plated jewelry Gold plated jewelry Organic jewelry Organic jewelry PTFE material PTFE material
Silver Jewelry Silver Jewelry Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Titanium Grade 5 Body Jewelry Titanium