Pinchers, Buffalos for Ear Piercing

Among various types of earrings pinchers are probably one of the most strange and unpredictable in some way. If you want to attract attention it's what you need. But at the same time properly combined with your clothes pinchers can let you stay unnoticed if you want it. An interesting fact for those who like pincher rings: Pinchers is a pseudonym of Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist Delroy Thompson. Maybe you already knew it and are his fan. If not this information can be a good reasoning not lucking a sense of humor for your choice of pinchers.

Pinchers included at our collection are very colorful. You can find here not only all colors of a rainbow and their shades but also bright and shining combinations of those colors realized in striped and beach buffalos. It's very easy to fill your piercing collection with various items matching all your clothes. Pinchers displayed on our store are made of different materials including acrylic, stainless steel and marble. If you want to look dangerous steel notched pincher will suit you perfectly. For improving your mood and raising smiles you'd better choose colorful stripped pincher. Wearing such type of body jewelry as a pincher you are likely to express your unique style and be in the centre of attention.

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Glow in dark taper, 6 gaGlow in dark taper, 6 gaRetail Price: $6.03
Your Price: $5.24
Glitter pyrex glass twist taper, 2 gaGlitter pyrex glass twist taper, 2 gaRetail Price: $12.06
Your Price: $10.49
Striped buffalo, 8 gaStriped buffalo, 8 gaRetail Price: $7.46
Your Price: $6.49
Glow in dark hole expander, 4 gaGlow in dark hole expander, 4 gaRetail Price: $6.89
Your Price: $5.99
Pair Of Spiral Earrings, 6 GaPair Of Spiral Earrings, 6 GaRetail Price: $10.34
Your Price: $8.99
Marble pincher, 6 gaMarble pincher, 6 gaRetail Price: $7.46
Your Price: $6.49
Pack Of 10 Clear Rubber O-RingsPack Of 10 Clear Rubber O-RingsRetail Price: $1.73
Your Price: $1.50
Acrylic buffalo, 6 gaAcrylic buffalo, 6 gaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
12 Gauge Steel Pincher12 Gauge Steel PincherRetail Price: $4.01
Your Price: $3.49
4 gauge steel pincher4 gauge steel pincherRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
Beach pincher, 4 gaBeach pincher, 4 gaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99