Welcome to the collection of high quality piercing tapers. Also known as hole expanders tapers are used to increase the opening stretching the hole by moving the taper from its thin side to the thick side in definite time periods. The recommended pause between moving to the next gauge size is three weeks. Though tapers are in some way piercing supplies serving the definite purpose it is still a piece of jewelry and one should consider it stylish because it's really so. We offer you piercing straight and curved piercing tapers made of acrylic and surgical stainless steel of all sizes. Make the process of piercing stretching elegant and pleasant.

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Fake Tapers with pink gemFake Tapers with pink gemRetail Price: $9.48
Your Price: $8.24
Coil steel taper, 8 gaugeCoil steel taper, 8 gaugeRetail Price: $11.20
Your Price: $9.74
White multi color splat spiral taperWhite multi color splat spiral taperRetail Price: $7.75
Your Price: $6.74
Black titanium anodized taperBlack titanium anodized taperRetail Price: $8.61
Your Price: $7.49
Jeweled curved taper, 4 gaJeweled curved taper, 4 gaRetail Price: $14.65
Your Price: $12.74
10 Gauge Steel Claw10 Gauge Steel ClawRetail Price: $5.46
Your Price: $4.75
Glass spiral transparent taper with o-rings, 0 gaGlass spiral transparent taper with o-rings, 0 gaRetail Price: $16.38
Your Price: $14.24
4 gauge gleam taper4 gauge gleam taperRetail Price: $12.06
Your Price: $10.49
Pair Of Spiral Earrings, 8 GaPair Of Spiral Earrings, 8 GaRetail Price: $9.76
Your Price: $8.49
Pair of acrylic elephant tapers, 4 gaPair of acrylic elephant tapers, 4 gaRetail Price: $20.69
Your Price: $17.99
Acrylic spiral taper, 12 gaAcrylic spiral taper, 12 gaRetail Price: $7.75
Your Price: $6.74
Surgical Steel Twist Taper with Epoxy Black InlaySurgical Steel Twist Taper with Epoxy Black InlayRetail Price: $12.06
Your Price: $10.49