Piercing Jewelry Types

Welcome to the magnificent world of body piercing jewelry. There are many kinds of piercing which require special jewelry of definite shape and sometimes size. In our collection you'll find all types of piercing jewelry of various styles and materials. Some of jewelry is very comfortable and elegant, some is unique and shocking but all of it is high quality and safe. We offer you labrets with hearts, stars, flowers, disks and cones for your lip piercing, captive bead rings and ear studs, flesh tunnels and tapers for your ear piercing, rings and shields for your nipple piercing, bananas and dangles for your navel piercing, straight barbells for your tongue and genital piercing and many other high quality piercing jewelry.

Please select from one of the following 19 categories:

Navel Rings, Belly Button Rings Belly Button Rings Captive Bead Rings Captive Bead Rings Curved Barbells Curved Barbells
Ear studs, Piercing Studs Ear Studs Flesh Tunnels, Ear Piercing Flesh Tunnels Circular Barbells, Horseshoe Barbells Horseshoe Barbells
Internally Threaded Jewelry Internally Threaded Jewelry Labrets Labrets Large gauge Piercing Jewelry Large gauge
Nipple Rings and Shields for Man and Women Nipple Rings & Shields Nose Studs & Screws Nose Studs & Screws Tapers Piercing Tapers
Pinchers, Buffalos for Ear Piercing Pinchers / Buffalos Plugs Plugs Retainers Retainers
Spiral Barbells Spiral Barbells Straight Barbells Straight Barbells Talons and Claws Jewelry for Ear Piercing Talons / Claws
Tusks / Crescents Large Gauage Ear Piercing Tusks / Crescents